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Yiddish Song Step Forverts - Kids По-русски читайте ниже
Yiddish Song: Step Forverts - Kids
A unique international gathering of Yiddish song activists presents Kids! Live on Facebook on https://www.facebook.com/polinashepherd/live
Our Forum presents the new generation of Yiddish song performers. 10 - 15 children from 3 ...
Yiddish Song Step Forverts Kids TOMORROW go to https://www.facebook.com/polinashepherd/live
to see kids from 3 to 17 y.o singing in Yiddish.
11 am California/ 2pm New York / 3pm Sao Paulo/ 7pm London / 8 pm Berlin / 21.00 Kishinev & Moscow
Our Forum presents the ...
Di Gitare - Guitar. Yiddish Folk Song. Polina Shepherd From an online concert for the Foundation for Endangered Languages Annual Conference: FEL24, September 2020.

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