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Not Your Grandpa's Snowplow: Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Keep the Roads Safe Highway maintenance workers are relied upon to keep our roads clear in the winter in every county of New York State. They do it with the most advanced cutting-edge technology that make one thing is clear: this is not your ...
New York State Apprenticeship Week Tour 2019 NYS DOL celebrated Apprenticeship Week 2019 by visiting Registered Apprenticeship programs around the state. Thanks to all who welcomed us with open arms. Together we will continue making New York’s apprenticeship programs the best they can be. #NAW2019 #NationalApprenticeshipWeek
Here's Why an Apprenticeship Could Be Right for You Great apprentices aren’t born. They’re trained. At the DOL, we understand that. It’s why we show such commitment to supporting and expanding apprenticeship in New York State, from the top of our organization down. #NationalApprenticeshipWeek
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements 2019: Policy and Training Overview for Employers *2019 Update Version*
Every employer in New York State is now required to establish a sexual harassment prevention policy and is now required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training.
Additional resources are available on the State’s Combating Sexual ...
Find Your Holiday Job in New York State! 🎁 Our new, free seasonal worker job bank is a one-stop-shop for workers interested in finding the winter or holiday season job that's right for them. Check it out today: seasonalworks.labor.ny.gov
Fill Your Holiday Jobs with Our Help! ❄️ 📢 Calling all business owners and HR professionals!
New York’s workers are ready to fill YOUR part-time and seasonal job openings this fall, winter and holiday season. ❄️
Post your openings to our free seasonal worker job bank ➡ seasonalworks.labor.ny.gov
Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony 2019 All month, we celebrated the outstanding work NYS DOL employees do every day for our fellow New Yorkers.

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