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1917 The Nonviolent Russian Revolution with Milan Rai Excerpt of film of talk by Milan Rai at Housmans Bookshop, Wednesday 25th October 2017
Peace News present:
‘1917: The Nonviolent Russian Revolution’ with Milan Rai
Launch of a new Peace News pamphlet written by Milan Rai, highlighting the crucial ...
How to Resist: Turn Protest to Power ‘How to Resist: Turn Protest to Power’
with Matthew Bolton in conversation with Wail Qasim
Wednesday 27th September,7pm
It's easy to feel dispirited by the world around us. We need change but as one person alone, it can all seem ...
‘Pride – The Book’ with Lesbians & Gays Support The Miners Talk at Housmans Bookshop, Wednesday 23rd August 2017
Mike Jackson, Jonathan Blake and Gethin Roberts - members of the original LGSM crew - launch ‘Pride’, the book of the hit film, which tells the true story of how in 1984 ...
Big Capital: Who Is London For? - talk by Anna Minton Talk given at Housmans Bookshop, Tuesday 18th July, 2017.
Anna Minton discusses the politics and complexities of the ongoing housing crisis, which is felt particularly sharply here in London, and which has been brought into even sharper relief by the ...
Play session of Guy Debord's 'Game of War' Join Class Wargames for an informal chance to learn about and play Guy Debord's political board game 'Game of War'. A short film about the game will also be played.
The 'Game of War' is a Napoleonic-era military strategy game ...
'Guide to Global Surveillance' with Robin Tudge Robin Tudge gives an overview of the ever-increasing surveillance of our lives by the state.
Spying, once the province of the KGB, CIA and MI5, has become part of everyday life. Governments routinely trawl our emails, CCTV cameras follow us ...
The Glorious Times of the Situationist International 'The Glorious Times of the Situationist International' with McKenzie Wark
Starting up in the post-war Paris, and finding notoriety during the uprising of May 1968, the Situationists argued against mass media and advocated living life in opposition to advanced capitalism. ...

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