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HERO Q & A for Black History Month at Picturehouse Central, London Hero post film Q&A with Nicholas Salcedo, Richard Finch hosted by Tony Warner October 2018
HERO Canada, Trinidad & Tobago | 2018 | 110 Minutes
Starring: Nickolai Salcedo, Peter Williams, Joseph Marcell, John Dumelo, Pippa Nixon, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Fraser James, ...
African Apocalypse discussion BFI London Film Festival 2020 British-Nigerian poet Femi Nylander uncovers the atrocities of a rogue French officer whose impact is still being felt today.
Many real-life figures have been proposed as having inspired Heart of Darkness’s bloody outrider Kurtz, but this fascinating historical documentary-cum-personal journey ...
Althea Gibson First Black Tennis Champion Fast Facts History Short video about Black tennis legend Althea Gibson who won Wimbledon in 1958 just 3 years after the Montgomery Alabama bus boycott
Amazing Black History Calendar 2021 Stunning Imagery
365 Black History Facts – one for every day of the year
Black History facts from around the world – not just focused on African-American History
The Independence days of Every African Country
The Independence Days of Every ...
HAPI Movie Trailer 2 UK online premiere 28th August 7.30pm. Tickets at www.blackhistorywalks.co.uk
The HAPI film presents a snapshot of black economic history spanning from the dawn of civilization to today.
The underlying theme of the film is the interrelationship between the three essential ...
The Killing of Mark Duggan. Forensic Architecture Mark Duggan’s killing by police in 2011 led to the most widespread social unrest in the UK in a generation. A decade on, what happened remains unclear: was Duggan holding a gun? How did the gun get to the grass? ...
Black History and Statues .ITV news 21.7.2020 Oku Ekpenyon (Memorial 2007) campaigner for memorial statue to enslaved Africans in Hyde Park is interviewed. Boris Johnson when London Mayor in 2008 had backed the statue but as Prime Minister his government has failed to fund it. Black History ...

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