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2020 GLOWING LED Party Face Mask with 7 Modes for Men and Women with bright... Our Quiet Events LED Party Mask is sure to be the hit of the party. Check out how simple it is to switch between different colors and modes. Purchase at: https://quietevents.com/store
Quiet Events Outstanding 5 Star Review We do our best to ensure our clients get the best service regardless if it's a birthday party of 5 to a conference of thousands. Check out our services @ https://rentals.quietevents.com
LED Mask | Multi-color changing face masks for raves, parties, running, and more. Quiet Events LED Multi-color face masks are great for Silent Disco parties in which you want to look good and protect you and others around you.
Fitness Battle - 3 Live Instructors Quiet Events partners with Crunch Fitness to host the world's first fitness battle. 3 Live instructors go head to head to make you sweat, dance and stay healthy. Powered by UberBattles
Virtual DJ Battle - Online streaming DJs going head to head The world's first interactive online DJ Streaming Battle produced by Quiet Events powered by UberBattles. Like, Follow, Tip and chat with your DJs. The DJ with the most likes wins the battle.
Quiet Events Sponsor / Branding Stage review WIth the Uberbattle platform, Quiet Events is able to build professional looking stages to make your company stand out.
Online Silent Disco DJ Battles - The World's First Online Battle Platform http://Live.QuietEvents.com is the world's first DJ Battle platform. 3 DJs to go head to head for your likes to win. Watch, listen to your DJs as you interact with others at the party using the chat feature. At the end ...
Online DJ Battle powered by Quiet Events Weekly online battles between three different performers.
The Weather Channel - How the virus has impacted Quiet Events The event industry has been hit hard by the Corona Virus. Quiet Events is the market leader in Silent Disco Rentals. It's one of the reasons that we are able to stay around for months still providing 5-start customer service ...
Silent Disco Party at your house - Simple Setup QuietEvents.com ships equipment around the country so everyone can enjoy a silent disco party in their house or backyard. All you need is to bring the people and we provide you with everything else! Equipment, the music, and fun!

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