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Dash & Lily, The Wrath & The Dawn, & More! ft. Jessethereader | Epic Adaptations This wintry season is about to get epic with some highly anticipated book-to-screen adaptations! Grab your favorite seasonal beverage, get comfy on the couch, and watch Jesse from @jessethereader geek out on all the awesome films and TV shows coming ...
Shopping Withdrawal | Book Nerd Problems Guess we can just live vicariously through these characters’ makeover montages a little bit longer...
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Loveboat, Taipei by Abigal Hing Wen: https://bit.ly/3kw1gZy
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YA Historical Books with Magic! ✨| #EpicBookRecs ft. thisstoryaintover What’s better than magic or history in books? Magic AND history, combined! Join Jananie from @thisstoryaintover as she recommends her favorite twisty historical YA books that feature a hint of magic! What’s your favorite historical YA book featuring magic? Shout ...
Liking a Character Other People Don’t | Book Nerd Problems Whenever Jude and Taryn actually get along my skin clears, my stress dissipates, and my crops thrive.
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Cover Reveal | Behind the Scenes of THE BETROTHED sequel! Get a sneak peek at the how the stunning cover of THE BETRAYED was made!
Preorder The Betrayed: https://bit.ly/2TpfxeU
Learn more about The Betrothed: https://bit.ly/37EaQX0
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Kiera Cass brings another sparkling romance ...

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